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From Precision Path Lab, Jaipur

Distinguished delegates, ladies and gentleman, on behalf of the practicing pathologist’s Society of Rajasthan, it is a great pleasure and honor, to welcome you all to the first national conference of the forum of practicing pathologists, the FOPPCON 2019.

The forum is a fledgling organization, the brain child of many like-minded pathologists from different states across India, who want to restore the glory of lab medicine and lab physicians, who want to be out from the “basement” into the main arena.

As all of you are aware, the Lab diagnostic industry is undergoing some major changes. Keeping up with advancement in technology, dealing with patients who’ve turned “ consumers” and tackling serious policy changes are just a few of the issues that plague our daily practice.

In the midst of this changing scenario, we cannot remain mute spectators anymore, sitting in our offices, hidden behind our microscopes.

At this point, I’d like to share the essence of an editorial by Dr Ryan Romano which appeared in the Archives of pathology and lab medicine in 2015; which says that we need to come aggressive intellectuals and economic  capitalists by focusing on 3 main objectives:

To educate

To motivate

To cultivate

To educate ourselves-in the science of pathology and its application to practice.

To educate our colleagues on the role of pathology and lab medicine as an essential part of patient management.

To educate patients about who we are and how we work and how we are placed as regards to their treatment and diagnosis.

And finally, to educate law makers and encourage them to align with our interests.

It is exactly with these objectives in mind that the practicing pathologists Society of Rajasthan  was conceptualized and registered in March 2017.

PPSRAJ is credited with being the first registered pathology association in Rajasthan,

The first to raise objections in court about basic composite labs in the Clinical establishment act amendment rules of 2018,

The first to raise the matter of illegal labs with the national human rights commission.

We have also been regularly representing to the Ministry of health, government of India on multiple issues and have been instrumental in mandating pathologists signatures on reports required for insurance policies through the IRDA.

FOPPCON 2019 is associated with many firsts too.

This happens to be the first confidence organized by PPSRAJ, and in fact, has been the first experience at organizing a national conference for our Young and dynamic organizing team.

The credit for initiating the idea and encouraging us to do this goes to Dr Birendra Prasad, Vice President, IAPM, Bihar.

The theme for the conference “Confluence of pathologists for patient care” embodies the spirit of this gathering of distinguished faculty and delegates  alike.

We have had a wonderful beginning yesterday with successful workshops conducted at different venues across the city. The feedback we have received was encouraging and your suggestions  will certainly  help us improvise for the future.

The sessions and talks included in the conference are contemporary and will help all of us gain an insight into all aspects of practice, be it academic, financial planning, laboratory management or legal and policy making issues.

We hope that we will be united by common interests, set aside petty issues and work together enthusiastically and with great optimism to reinforce the glory of our specialties is, not only for us but for our future generations as well .

Quoting from Dr Romano’s editorial once again:

From Private practice to the laboratory, academia and research, the rapidly evolving healthcare scenario will affect each one of us greatly.

We must have a Voice.. And let FOPP be the voice of Indian pathologists and lab physicians.

Thank You



Dr Arundhati Agarwal